No Animals!

We believe in compassionate, sustainable, ecological living.

We, humans, went too far as a species and started considering other species to be of less value and reduced them to resources to be consumed for whatever we see fit.

No animal wants to bring awareness back to get producers of goods to reassess their production model and get them to reduce the amount of source material based on parts of other species.

Our goal is too reach decision makers to choose for plant or less-sentient resources instead.

The way to do this is by having an easy interface to reach those decision makers and show them that there are consumers out here that don't want to consume their product.

We can help them make the right choices by not buying their products and telling them why and giving them good feedback on how we would want to buy their products.

We will have an easy to use interface here which can be profile based or one-off based where you can fill in your details, and have our system send off an informational message to a producer with a request for compassionate, non-animal based products.

As soon as the producers understand their impact and the demand for changing to a more compassionate and sustainable model, they will change.

Let's vote with our wallets and our numbers.